“Health is a state of complete mental, physical, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” World Health Organisation

“Wellness is a proactive and preventative approach to health that’s designed to provide optimum levels of physical, mental and social well-being.” Wellness Proposal

Physical well-being is attained through a healthy lifestyle, which would include exercise, eating well, getting enough sleep, recuperating, paying attention to the signs of illness and getting help when needed.
 Mental well-being is about coping with the normal stresses of life, as well as living a life with purpose, meaning and a sense of belonging. Being involved and in tune with the world around you is essential.
Social well-being is a sense of participation with other people and your community. It is not just about being happy or content, but where you see the value in living in harmony with nature and being actively engaged with life.

“Wellness tourism involves people who travel to a different place to proactively pursue activities that maintain or enhance their personal health and wellbeing, and who are seeking unique, authentic or location-based experiences/therapies not available at home.” SRI International

“In a world overwhelmed by technology, there is a search for simplicity; as well as a harkening back to lost, healthier ways of living. Social fitness will continue to transform the ways people live, socialize, dress and travel by answering basic human needs for true community in an age of loneliness.” Spafinder Wellness 365