This “living space without walls” means there is no visible barrier between the inside and outside – a more natural way to live.


“The recent advances in our understanding of the brain mechanisms that generate and regulate sleep and circadian rhythms, and a growing appreciation of the broad health problems associated with their disruption, represents a truly remarkable opportunity to develop novel evidence-based treatments and interventions that will transform the health and quality of life of millions of individuals across a broad spectrum of illnesses.” Russell Foster


Engineered with the latest advances in nano-technology, The Photon SpaceTM is a luxury daylight suite constructed entirely from intelligent glass to allow the maximum amount of natural light into a comfortable living environment. This all-glass structure provides 3600 views, which contribute to the acute sense of space and greater connectivity with the natural surrounding environment. The space is designed as a compact living solution and can easily include a sitting room and double bedroom, with a modular integrated kitchen and bathroom.


The multi-layered, high-performance glass walls are bonded to curved glass beams and allow for total transparency and temperate climate control to create a safe, relaxing and harmonious environment. The double and triple glazed panels of glass in The Photon SpaceTM are not what you would typically see installed in other buildings. They combine a range of the most advanced glass technologies available to produce an extremely high performance for: insulation (0.6 W/m2k); solar gain (63% of solar radiation blocked); UV transmittance (99.9% UV blocked) and sound levels (85% of external sound blocked).


The panels of glass in the sleeping area are also ‘switchable’ and can be changed from transparent to translucent at the flick of switch or a swipe of your phone. The technology uses nano-scale particles suspended in a liquid and laminated between two pieces of glass (SPD). These nano-particles can be manually or automatically “tuned” to precisely control the amount of light, glare and heat passing through by adjusting their state, reducing the need for air conditioning during the summer months and heating during winter. This means the intelligent glass can be scientifically programmed to intuitively support individual user needs, such as a remedy for a particular condition like jet-lag.


Using this technology the Photon SpaceTM can re-set your body clock by mimicking the natural day/night cycle and therefore reduces stress levels and regulates sleep patterns by accessing more of the blue light spectrum at critical times during the day and allowing daylight to flood into the suite. This also applies in reverse as the space can be darkened for privacy and to provide a perfect night-time setting to regulate sleep when you need it most – even during the day!


We have created The Photon SpaceTM as a modular construction so it can be erected and finished in around 4 weeks as a fully operational living space by our expert team of installers. The Photon SpaceTM has an integrated steel sub-frame so it can be built in virtually all locations – it “touches the earth lightly” and can therefore be moved with minor local impact on the surroundings. This aspect is central to the company’s policy for sustainable and healthy building practices and part of our future vision for a self-sufficient, off-grid resilient space.