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ecoming an Ambassador is a great way to help us air your views on The Photon Space!

Firstly have a look at what we do – look at our global press, see where we’re making connections and be inspired by the way we’re slowly but surely making a difference and then just get in touch with us!

Generally our Ambassadors are individuals who have a good number of contacts and are passionate about helping us make a difference. As an Ambassador the amount of time you give to us is up to you. Some of our excellent Ambassadors have held talks, dinners, symposiums and more for us. Really you could help us in a number of different ways.

So get in touch with us, with a short description of yourself, how you feel this project can help you and just tell us what experiences you have had! Oh and a small photo for us to upload. Take a look at who is on our team already.

Photon Light Lovers...

I am a light lover. I feel re-energised, inspired, calm, alive, at one with the world, healthier, rejuvenated, like a flower opening to the first rays of sunshine .
Living in the UK it is important to keep your Vitamin D intake up due to the lack of sunlight we have whether you are a baby, toddler or adult. Working with glass on a daily basis and assisting with the design of this, we see the benefit it gives our clients and their families.
Hi my name is Chris Brown and natural sunlight is a must for me. If I don’t have this in my life my esteem is low… I seem to get a lift in spirit when in natural light and everything fits into place. I for one cannot do without this, the world seems a better place for me with natural sunlight in it
Having lived most of my life in sunny South Africa, I have realised how the sun can affect my mood and energy levels. During the winter months in London with the lack of sunshine, the decrease in my energy level was definitely noticeable.
When I lived abroad in Barbados, the sun was heavenly. From early in the morning till dusk in the evening, I was wrapped in this lovely Caribbean sunshine.

The rays of sun seems to be giving you more energy, a boost and affects your mood – always cheerful.

Having recently returned to London from a holiday in the sunny Caribbean, I can really appreciate the need for day light and sun in our day to day lives. The days felt longer, my energy levels were higher and I managed to do so much more in 24 hours. The sun simply makes people happier and smile more. Therefore, when the weather is good, I chose to walk to get from point A to point B to embrace the sun and forget about the small worries of my life.