Intelligent daylight for a healthy life

Intelligent daylight for a healthier life

The Photon Space is a compact living environment – a daylight suite- for short or long term stays. It combines our needs and desires in a single unique experience- our biological need for daylight and our psychological desire to connect with our surroundings.

The Photon Space responds to the extensive scientific evidence linking the lack of daylight exposure to both mild and serious medical conditions. It was created after collaboration between Specialist Glass experts Cantifix, award winning architect Brent Richards and Professor Russell Foster, an eminent neuroscientist from Oxford University.

The majority of the envelope is glass, structurally bonded with advanced silicones to curved glass beams, which combines the latest technological advances in thin-films, coatings, interlayers and nano-treatments to create the unique feel, atmosphere and performance of the internal environment.

The semi-modular construction and integrated steel base means it can be constructed in virtually all locations and the high performance glass skin makes it suitable for most climates. It touches the earth lightly and can therefore be moved with very little impact on the surroundings- a central tenet of our expanding sustainability agenda.

“The daylight shortly after dawn is 50- 100 times brighter than artificial home or office light. When we expose ourselves to this natural light it sets the body clock and increases alertness – it is like having a ‘Photon Shower’. It makes you feel more alive and able to get on with your day,” Professor Russell Foster
The Photon Space is the culmination of 4 years of R&D allied to nearly 30 years of experience in Architectural Glazing. It uniquely combines the skills and expertise of: architects; engineers; artists; designers; anthropologists; evolutionary psychologists; neuroscientists; doctors; therapists; and leading glass manufacturers.

The concept involves the cooperation between British Manufacturing and British Academia under the scrutiny of International Corporate and Governmental bodies. Most importantly it involves everyone who wants to improve their way of life, by living closer to their biological needs. Watch and read more.

The Photon SpaceTM is a unique experience in a uniform World. It is a stand-alone habitable building with many potential uses: an office; a bedroom; a therapy facility; a playroom; a treatment room; a gym; and many others. It is also a space you can retreat to and do nothing except recuperate, rejuvenate and rebalance your life.

A number of Photon Spaces together would expand their use to include: a destination spa facility; an Eco-resort; a therapy centre; vital academic research; hotel accommodation; treatment for specific medical conditions; a recovery village; a glamping site; hospitality suite; an educational facility; and anything else where the health and wellbeing of people is important. Watch and read more.

In the late 1990’s Professor Russell Foster (member of The Photon Project Ltd. Advisory Board) discovered the existence of novel non-visual cells in the eye that are entirely separate from the rods and cones. The primary function of these photosensitive retinal ganglion cells (pRGC’s) is to pass messages to the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) in the brain, which in turn is dedicated to setting our body clocks (circadian rhythms) by secreting or supressing melatonin.

Daylight is the essential environmental cue and when the messages to the brain are confused and our body clocks start to run free there are serious consequences to our health, mood and behaviour. A common example would be jet lag, but in extreme cases it could lead to clinical depression and other more serious conditions. It is proven that daylight has beneficial effects on our cognitive responses, productivity, stress levels, sleep efficiency, immune system and general wellbeing. Watch and read more.

Cantifix Ltd was founded in 1986 and since then we have built over 5000 glass structures in the residential, commercial and Public Sector markets. We are the UK’s leading Architectural Glass Specialists and 4 of the current Directors are on the main Board of The Photon Project Ltd., where we are joined by award winning architect Brent Richards.

Our objective at Cantifix has always been to respond to the needs of our customers and develop new products and technologies that service these needs. A universal and instinctive understanding of the benefits of daylight has led us to start The Photon Project Ltd. to exploit the commercial potential of The Photon Space. See and read more.

The Photon Space

  • The perfect living space without boundaries
  • The unique experience in a uniform world
  • The natural way of promoting well-being
  • The innovative choice for a better lifestyle