Sometimes we all just need someone to take that first step – to create something that makes us stop and consider that different possibilities exist. As you know, Cantifix has been building glass structures for 28 years, but it was a chance meeting between director Charlie Sharman and the pre-eminent neuroscientist Professor Russell Foster that made us stop and consider…

The biological facts about the relationship between daylight and health Russell told me about over a cup of coffee, changed the way I thought about the world we live and work in. If it is true that light is the major stimulus for setting our body clocks, and when these clocks get out of sync with environmental time the impact on our health, mood and behaviour can be extremely serious,” said Charlie, “then this must be an essential part of the conversation when designing buildings for human habitation.

This was four years ago and Cantifix has since built a team of experts that understand the engineering, design, fabrication, installation and, most importantly, the effects on our biology of daylight in buildings. We would like to share this expertise with all of you – and for you to join us as the health of a building rises up the agenda until it has as much credence as sustainability – because a building can’t be truly sustainable if it is inherently unhealthy.

We have introduced The Photon Space as a disruptive innovation, to demonstrate the critical nature of daylight on our health and well-being. When you consider the recent press we have had for this launch, we aren’t wrong in our assumptions about public interest.