The specialist glass market in the UK is very sophisticated and Cantifix were involved in the first structural glazing project back in 1991. Considering this was 24 years ago and it still looks as beautiful today as it did when we installed it, you have to say this is an endorsement of both our skills and the longevity of glass structures. Since then the understanding of what is possible has grown amongst the architects, engineers and clients to the extent that we design, manufacture and install about 250 glass structures a year.

The aim of The Photon Project Limited is to supply and construct innovative glass buildings that create a unique experience for the inhabitant and have a large number of potential uses in a range of global markets. We will be using the skills and experience of Cantifix to manufacture and install The Photon Space; however the target market is very different and therefore the consultancy will be done by the Photon Project Team and their Advisors.

Glass is a very versatile and desirable product, which can now be used in an increasing number of situations. The majority of projects Cantifix do are in the residential sector and we have appeared on Grand Design many times, but structural glass is also suitable for Commercial and Public Sector buildings. With the issues of sustainability becoming increasingly important new technologies to improve the properties of the glazing envelope are developing quickly. The Photon Space argues that a building can’t be sustainable if it is inherently unhealthy.

There are many considerations when building any glass structure and the Photon Space takes this conversation even further. For instance anthropologists say we evolved living in organic and curved structures, because they were easier to build from available materials and used the natural contours of the land for construction. We have allowed this perceived knowledge to influence the design of The Photon SpaceTM, alongside our determination to maximise the transmission of daylight by designing the roof to reduce reflection of the light waves. This is done through the orientation of the building (North/South) and by keeping the plane of the glass perpendicular to the light source (the Sun).