What is it?

The Photon Space is a living environment for you to escape to, experience the joy of your surroundings and re-discover the health-giving benefits of daylight. It is a space to do nothing in if you choose, whilst you recuperate from your hectic lifestyle and charge your biological batteries. A few days inside a Photon Space is enough to re-set your body clock and provide the simple stimuli your body needs to start flourishing again.

Of course we don’t expect you to compromise on luxury as you immerse yourself in this unique experience. The latest technology all-glass skin will protect you from the harmful ultra violet radiation, cool you in summer and warm you in winter, make you safe from the excesses of the climate and give you a psychological hug whenever you need it.

With the positive effects of natural light improving your health, well-being, mood and behaviour, you shouldn’t have a care in the world. If you are worried about privacy and how you are going to be able to sleep properly in a space designed for daylight, then you don’t need to, because we have thought of this as well: the glass in the bedroom changes from clear to opaque at the flick of a switch or the swipe of a smart phone.

You can lie in bed and watch the stars, knowing the glass above you is programmed to go opaque while you sleep- the perfect end to a perfect day. In the morning the glass can react to the first rays of the sun, waking you as nature intended. Alternatively it can be set to extend the night, allowing you to rebalance and reclaim the life you deserve.


Contemporary life forces us to spend about 80% of our time inside buildings and sometimes we don’t even have a view through a window to enjoy. Not surprisingly this disconnection from the rest of the World has a negative effect on our health. We really need to start changing things now and luckily the solution is simple – go outside and get more daylight!


The Photon Space has been designed by experts who fully understand glass engineering, nano-technology, anthropology, psychology and neuroscience. Fortunately it has also been designed by architects, designers, artists and aesthetes who have all contributed towards creating a beautiful and inspirational living environment for the 21st century.


If you truly want to experience the natural world and live in nature, then you have to find a way to become part of the surroundings and we can’t think of anything better than staying in a Photon Space- a “glass tent” with all the luxury of a “daylight suite”. We have harnessed the technology so it can be used to connect you with nature.


Wellbeing is described as a good, healthy and comfortable state- that sounds like something we all deserve. A sense of wellbeing should be a condition we all aspire to- it will reduce stress, anxiety, low energy and mild depression, while boosting our mood and health. The Photon Space has been created to enhance your life without compromise.


“Human beings, who are almost unique in having the ability to learn from an experience, are also remarkable for their apparent disinclination to do so.” Douglas Adams.  We should remember that a mind stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions; therefore a life without this is smaller and probably shorter.

Days I have to wait for a Photon Space
Hours of sleep I will lose while waiting
Hours a year I can enjoy my new space

Intelligent Daylight

Your views

Very impressed and excited about what you are doing.
Dave M., Photon
I recently invested in the brilliant idea which is your Photon Project – I want to be involved in some capacity with this fantastic concept.
Nishal P., Cantifix
I am very attracted to light – with it I am energised and loads more productive; without it I fade into lethargy and depression – hence why the Photon Project appeals so strongly.
Anarchy W.
I’m very interested in the project, and have always been quite obsessed with adding natural light to every room I live in.
Devon DeJ
Your concept would offer an enormous amount of benefit for the elderly in general, but more specifically those suffering from Alzheimer’s.
Joanna O
I worked in the solar fields in South Africa for 28 years and find your project fascinating.
Graham C
Hi, I’m a science writer and I’m intrigued by the Photon Project.
Chelsea W
I was born in Brazil and only realized how the sunlight was important to me when I moved to Canada.
Carol A
I visited the pod you set up near Tottenham court road and was impressed by the design and your project.
Dr Alix D
I have newly discovered your adventure and am extremely eager and keen to become involved in any way I can.
Alex N
My company Intelligent Sleep focuses on improving sleep through comfort, relaxation, circadian rhythm, behavioural, and cultural influences. I am very interesting in getting involved in the Photon Project for obvious reasons.
Bruce M
Professor Andrew Parker from Oxford’s Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics mentioned The Photon Project knowing that I would be interested- he was absolutely right!
Mihaela M