The glass blocks out 63% of solar radiation in a fashionable and sophisticated way. Anthropologists have helped us design a space where human needs and wants are top of the agenda.


195,000 years ago we lived outdoors on the equator and this set our body clock- it really is as simple as that. The way we are forced to live today changes everything.


“Look deep into nature and you will understand everything.” Albert Einstein. Climate, geography, seasons and conditions all give us information we need to live.


Your biology needs daylight in order to recognise the approaching night. The production and suppression of melatonin (the sleep hormone) is a simple process triggered by light.
I have MS and find daylight and sun makes a huge difference to me
Jackie Stubbs
This is so exciting. Just to say that I wish you all the best. Having had MS extremely badly, in the research I’ve done and experimented with, I absolutely know that light is of utmost importance.
Clare C.